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about the missionary childhood association

The Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) was founded in France in 1843 by Bishop Charles de Forbin Jansen. Its purpose is to encourage all children to be aware of the needs of children living in mission dioceses through the world and support them both spiritually and sacrificially. Today the MCA is in 110 countries and helps make Jesus known to children all over the world. Under its banner “children helping children”, monies raised through schools are directed towards sustainable programs involving the building of schools, the provision of health and nutrition programs and medications, school fees, and teaching and learning resources.



Earn up to 3 hours of Confirmation Service from the Diocesan Mission Office.

Earn a special MCA Patch for completing mission themed activities.

Download and Print Enrollment Cards to the MCA for participating students.

Order Mite Boxes for Lent or Advent.

Call or Email us today to schedule a Mission Talk, Mission Fair, Activity, or to request additional resources.  We are here for your school and religious education programs!


The MCA Mite Box is a  paper bank that allows children to contribute funds that will help in parts of the world that do not have the items our children have here. Children learn how to make the Lent and Advent seasons more meaningful by offering prayers and sacrifices for children in need who await the "Good News" of Jesus.

What is a Mite Box?
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